About Us


C.A.M.P (Formally SWIG Culture) is the product of two passionate entrepreneurs daring to demand recognition for their trade in the larger bar and bartending industry. Mobile bartending is a unique niche with unique challenges, and the existing bar conferences just weren’t hitting the right notes. Thus, C.A.M.P. was created!

C.A.M.P. has since expanded to include content applicable to ALL mobile-focused entrepreneurs and invites anyone who is seeking to make a career in the mobile entreprenueral industry to join us!

Our Founders

Choosing community over competition for a stronger community and more resilient industry. Rhonda and Sarah are, by definition, competitors. They both operate mobile bar companies in the Nashville, TN market. Yet, they recognize the differences in their strengths, and their target clients, and choose to work together. Part of that teamwork, is this conference. The two women were inspired to create this conference as a way of validating the mobile bar niche, and working to make the talent, and the owners of mobile bars, stronger and more resilient through industry-specific learning, networking, and experiences.

Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy is an entrepreneur and educator in the mobile bar industry. She owns and operates both Bar Magnolia, a mobile bar company located in Nashville, TN, and Mobile Bev. Pros, a membership site dedicated to supporting mobile bar owners through mentorship, community, and education. Learn more about her leadership training opportunities at Sarah M. Sarah has a M.S. degree in business and entrepreneurship from Southampton College, and a Masters of Management in Hospitality from Cornell University’s Hotel School. Prior to starting her own business, she worked in the restaurant industry for over a decade before transitioning into Operational Leadership roles in the Tech Sector.

Rhonda Malone Cammon

Rhonda Malone Cammon

Rhonda serves as Bar Consultant , Media and Publication Contributor, Curated Cocktail Lab Creator, and Bourbon Educator. She is also the Founder and CEO of Perfectly Cordial, A fresh fruit cordial that allows everyone to make a perfect craft cocktail or mocktail. In addition Rhonda has partnered with various brands such as; Diageo , Codigo, Uncle Nearest, and Pepsi. Her spirited contributions have been featured at Nashville Cocktail Festival, Pour Taste ,Minerva Cocktail Bar, Thirsty Magazine. In 2019 Rhonda also became the first African American Female board member of the Nashville USBG in and is a recent Les Dames Nashville scholarship recipient.